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A 13-Month Personal
Transformation Program
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Circle of Self® offers information and tools designed to bring healing, growth and abundance to all aspects of your life.

Circle of Self® is a template for moving through changing times with ease and hope, rather than fear.

The Circle of Self® program is designed as a self-guided personal growth program as well as a framework of Whole Person Counseling.

Circle of Self® is an invitation to experience a balanced and joy filled life.

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Circle of Self - 13 Month Transformational Program

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Circle of Self - Four Aspects and their Elements

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Personal Self - Your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit

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Relationship Self - Your Friends, Partner, Family & Children

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Creative Self - Your Work, Leisure, Finance & Philanthropy

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Collective Self - Home, Nature, Community & World

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Inner Soul - What is your Life Purpose?

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Outer Soul - Why are you here?

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Rhythms and Cycles of Life