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2016 Moon Circle Journal is Here


The moon circle journal brings an ancient system of healing and caring for self, others and the earth to the peoples of the modern era.  It is a way for individuals to do their part to bring balance and peace into their life, and learn a natural way to share this balance and peace out in the world.

The journal offers month to month (moon cycle to moon cycle) teachings and practices. In the ancient lineage of tribal cultures across the world these teachings are considered as ‘Gifts of Truth’ and are held as essential qualities each person must develop within themselves to become wholly human.

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The elders tell us that every human embarks on this journey toward maturity.  The choice is whether the journeyer is asleep or awake.  Working with this journal process will help the user WAKE-UP to their potential and learn how to embody and live the qualities of character that support their life.

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